Final Exams Are Coming Up! Here Are 5 Apps That Will Help You Study Smarter

If you’ve had a hard time managing your exam schedule and your study days, we’ve got these 5 apps to help you do so.

My Study Life

This application is an all in one organizer that can be connected to your phone calendar. It will also notify you of incomplete tasks and remind you of exams.

Exam Countdown Lite

If you need help organizing your exam dates while keeping yourself motivated, this is the app for you. You will be able to view a countdown of the upcoming exams and color code them too.


Create your own study materials with a large library of materials that are created by other users. You can also find ready made review sheets that were created by others that have studied the same material as you are.


Pocket has a powerful search engine and tagging tools, it allows you to organize web pages by different categories. If you’re looking for an application that can help you save and have easy access to web pages that you want to read, this is the app for you.

Smart Timetable

Create different tasks you want to complete and set the date and time you want to do so using Smart Timetable. This app will surely help you organize your time.

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