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We Asked You What Your Fave Spot for Hot Chocolate in Bahrain Was and Here Are the Top 15

Weather demands!

Chocolate in all shapes and forms is the absolute best thing in the world! But the weather is calling to indulge in some good hot chocolate, a cup can solve any and everything! We were wondering, what’s better than asking you guys for your fave spot for hot chocolate in Bahrain, so here we go! We’ve listed down the top 15 spots suggested by you guys, scroll through to check them out!


This one is hands down a fan fave! You guys love this place, so here’s presenting your ultimate top pick!


Okay wait, hot chocolate with ice cream? Let’s just dig into this magical creation right now!

Caribou Coffee Bahrain

We all know Caribou Coffee and we all love Caribou Coffee! It’s like a fact!


This place is known for its ‘oh so good’ soft serve but you guys love their hot chocolate too! And, hey it’s currently present at the Winter Market at Al Aali Mall, do check it out!

Warrior One

A yoga studio making waves with some great hot chocolate, win win!

The Dessert Club

Give us a good cup of hot chocolate and we’re sorted!

Uncle Sam Cafe

The OG Uncle Sam is lowkey everyone’s fave!

Fresh Superfood Cafe

The pretty pink cafe, like we usually call it, is loved by you all and us too, of course!

Firma Flowers and Cafe

Go for a cup of hot chocolate and get a beautiful bouquet of flowers too!

Choc Oh La

Chocolate bomb hot chocolate, we’re sold!

Merlo Cafe

They say it’s the first chocolate cafe in Bahrain, if it’s all about hot chocolate then this must be the ultimate spot to be!

11:11 Make A Wish

We wish to never run out of hot chocolate!

Cafe Lilou

Let’s just first take a moment to appreciate the beauty of this creation!


Care for a cup of luxury hot chocolate?

Mt. Fuji 

What’s better than hot chocoate that comes for the whole clan?

Sipping on some hot chocolate right now!

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