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Great News: Cinemas Will Reopen in Bahrain This Eid

It’s finally back!


It’s been ages since we’ve been to the movies, and it’s definitely one ritual we miss a whole lot since quarantine started. We’re in luck though because Vox Cinemas announced yesterday that it will reopen it’s theatres starting on Eid Al Fitr with this teaser!

The attendance will likely be limited though, because earlier this month The National Medical Taskforce for Combating the Coronavirus announced that some services after Eid will be exclusive to those who are COVID-19 vaccinated or recovered. As well as those who are under 18 with the accompaniment of their vaccinated parents. That announcement included indoor dining, gyms and cinemas.

The announcement also stated that those who are not vaccinated will be allowed access to outdoor spaces. Including, outdoor cinemas while following social distancing guidelines.

Stay safe, everyone!

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