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You Can Make Your Ramadan & Eid Nights Insta-Worthy With These 10 Aesthetic Setups

The most wholesome time of the year

Good food, long nights and all the lights! A bunch of local businesses have planned our nights for us, with fully decked out setups to completely transform your home or backyard for a few hours! With all these Ramadan nights on our hands, we all wanna go a little extra when we’re staying in and having friends or family over. This may just be the best way to create the most low-key yet aesthetically pleasing ghabga! Don’t forget, Eid is coming up and you can plan it this exact way, too.

We’ve compiled some of the best setups you can get from these local businesses in Bahrain – scroll below to check out all your options:

By Noora

By Noora has got a ghabga package option that’s fully equipped with seating, partitions and other decor essentials to set your space up!

Events by Dalal

This ‘Ramadan Nights’ setup is FILLED with color and brings in all the traditional vibes associated with the holy month. There’s a couple options you can go for here, and both are fully set up with everything you’d need for the night.


Wishful is coming through with another setup full of color, taking us way back with those oldschool benches!

Wild Vibes

Another setup with a floor seating option, setting the scene in the most relaxing way. You can DM them HERE for more booking information!


Reflections has been creating a bunch of setups for many different occasions, and they’re back with a Ramadan offer this month! Check out the highlights on their page HERE.

The Modern Jalsa

One of the comfiest-looking ‘jalsas’ here, and we’ve heard many great reviews from locals who have tried and tested it!

The Bohos

You can even find The Bohos’ setups over at Blanco Cafe at The Wharf, Bahrain Bay – all throughout Ramadan!

Project 04

You can get your Ramadan stands or ‘giveaway mirrors’ here, to complete any Ramadan setup that you’re having!

The Event Co

The Event Co has an exclusive Ramadan setup that you guys can choose, and it’s bringing in all the vibes as well! Check out the highlights on the page.


Kashta is ready for us with a Ramadan setup AND gergaon giveaways! Check out their page to explore your options.

Support local and pick your fave!

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