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Gergaon Is a Week Away & You Can Get Your Goodies at These 10 Spots

Pictured above: The Wraperie & Arezou

There’s a reason why we’re always looking forward to mid-Ramadan every year

And it has A LOT to do with candy. Ramadan in its entirety brings with it many causes for celebrations, and the occasion that tells us that we’re halfway through the holy month is Gergaon!! There are a bunch of local spots that are getting ready with a whole lot of traditional and colorful giveaways, and you can start pre-ordering them now! As you should, ’cause many of these are already selling out fast.. We’ve compiled some of the best all here for you – scroll below to check them out:


Almonds has SEVERAL gerga3on giveaway setups with many different designs – all of which are very fitting! Send a Whatsapp message to 38389400 to place your orders.

You’ll find a few more colorful gergaon options at Trends, just send a Whatsapp message to 34545412 to order.

ZF – zf.crafts

Gergaon giveaways in a little lantern over here! All the traditional vibes over here. DM the page HERE to order.

Lilou Artisan Patisserie

Lilou’s coming through with many different Ramadan goodies and giveaways, and any of them would make for a delicious gergaon giveaway – or any other Ramadan occasion you’ve got!


Arezou’s got us covered with all the most aesthetic packaging, and they’ve curated some gergaon giveaways this time! Pop over to their Galali or Seef Mall branches (click HERE) to check out their options.

The Wraperie

Some sado pouch giveaways for that authentic feeling! You’d need to order a minimum of 10 of these, so call 17006669 to find out the options that are still available.

There’s a lot more where that came from at Neg9a, from Ramadan goodies in general to all the gergaon giveaways. DM the page HERE for orders.

West Nuts

A lot of nut-based goodies in these Ramadan packages – perfect for a gergaon giveaway as well! Send a Whatsapp message to 37151577 for more information about their options.

Al Mabakhir

Finely curated Ramadan ‘ng9as’ here, and these come with a mubkhar and other goods! Bringing a whole other vibe to Ramadan this year. Order through the website HERE.

Stellawin Flowers & Chocolates

Even more designs over here, some modern and some traditional – but all filled with sweets! DM the page HERE for orders.

Happy Gergaon!

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