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5 Things You Should Know About Caffeine Withdrawals According to Nutritionists

Helping all you caffeine addicts out over here

Including ourselves, ’cause God knows coffee is one of the MAIN elements that keeps us awake and energizedโ€ฆ Ramadan means that our caffeine intake looks a little different, especially for everyone who’s used to having a cup of coffee first thing in the morning. Earlier this moth, we talked to Dr. Hadeel Saad, Nutritionist & Dietitian on an episode of Local x Local and she really came through with the best tips. We’ve compiled and researched some more to make our caffeine withdrawals a little more bearable during the rest of the holy month – scroll below to read all about them:

Be weary of when you actually consume your coffee

There are many conflicting opinions to when exactly you should take your coffee during Ramadan. Some experts prefer that caffeine be kept to a minimum and consumed as early as possible – so, right after futoor!

Stay hydrated

Your morning headache might not actually be caffeine-related. Especially, if you had some the night before it might have ’caused you to be a little dehydrated. You should aim for 8 cups of water throughout the night and 2 extra cups for every cup of coffee you have.

Try not to overeat during iftar and avoid undereating during suhoor

Basically, keep it balanced – people often indulge for futoor and are then go lighter during suhoor but that set’s you up to crash during the day. Make sure you have two balanced meals and opt for more protein during suhoor as it will help sustain you the following day.

Don’t go overboard on the sweets

We all love a little treat after futoor, but a large sugar intake coupled with caffeine will shoot up your energy levels and set you up for a serious crash! The key? Everything in moderation.

Chew your food


Digestion starts in the mouth – so chewing your food properly before you swallow is a key step in getting all those nutrients you need throughout the day.

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