8 Ramadan Ads by Local Businesses That’ll Give You All the Feels

Ramadan has caused many feelings to arise

Just like every other year! And of course, some of our fave local businesses and companies have compiled those feels to produce some heartwarming Ramadan ads, depicting the togetherness that we all feel every year during the holy month, and teaching us a few lessons along the way. We’ve put together some great ones that you absolutely need to watch – scroll below to check them out:


A few moments showing just how much we’re not alone – our hearts are basically one.


Batelco is reminding us that no matter how far apart we stray, our good deeds will always keep us close.


One of our favorites from the Kuwaiti company – KDD! Showing us that all the products we grew up on will never outgrow us – making juice nostalgic!

Zain Bahrain

Zain has collaborated with UNICEF, in an effort to “curb the pandemic” and draw awareness towards what it means for us all to get vaccinated.

A short series by stc

stc’s short series has begun this Ramadan! You can watch the short episodes on stc’s Instagram page, with three out so far!

NBK Group

NBK came through with a few ways to save some cash this Ramadan – educating us rather than just telling us not to do spend it, not to mention the relatability of it all… Make sure you watch the second version of this on NBK’s page – click HERE!

The Benefit Company

Benefit’s heartwarming Ramadan welcome, highlighting our giving nature during the holy month.

Al Salam Bank

A heartfelt connection to traffic during Ramadan – the key is to be mindful of everyone around us!

Ramadan Kareem!

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