It’s Harvest Season in Saudi’s ‘City of Roses’ & You Need to See What It Looks Like

Taking you to the Western side of Saudi Arabia

Over in the city of Taif! The rose harvest season has officially begun in Taif, and it has basically turned the entire city pink – and HIGHLY fragrant. This year, the harvest happened to fall during Ramadan, and the workers at the Bin Salman farm are hard at work – picking thousands of roses on the daily to produce oil and rose water. During the harvest season, every April, the essential oil produced by the roses is actually used to cleanse the outer walls of the Ka’aba!

It’s definitely not a one man’s job – while some workers are out the field picking the flowers, others are gathering them in the sheds, filling and weighing tons of buckets all by hand! As it’s known as the city of roses, Taif actually has over 800 flower farms, with about 300 MILLION annual blooms! Just imagine what this looks (and smells) like… Many of the farms have opened doors to visitors, so scheduling a trip at some point (when things are safe again) might be worth it!!

Scroll through the carousel above to take in all the beautiful moments of the harvest!

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