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10 Frozen Goodies for Ramadan That Are Definitely Worth Stocking Up on

We’ve got you, with some of the best food and snacks for futoor

Many spots are now offering their delicious foods packed up and frozen for you to prepare and cook up yourself, just in time for futoor! These restaurants and cafes have thought ahead and prepared our faves, from samboosas to spring rolls and even l’gaimat! Scroll to see all your delicious options:

Darseen Cafe

We’re personally vouching for this one guys – so, it HAD to be on the top of this list. Darseen Cafe has prepared a whole menu of frozen bites for us to cook up at home – from samboosas to spring rolls, they’ve got our iftars covered. Let us tell you, these aren’t your average bites either – we’re talking Mozzarella Kibbeh with Sundried Tomatoes and Feta, Spinach and Mint Samboosa – it’s all elevated over here!

You can order a minimum of 4 dozens through their website (click HERE) or whatsapp them on 38114037. If you’re asking us though – you’ll need a lot more than 4!


Yup they’ve got the ribs!! A delicacy we’re craving to bad, right now. Beefko’s samboosas are available cooked and frozen – check out their page (click HERE).

Villa Mama’s

Just like mama makes it – literally! Villa Mama’s got three special options you can order frozen and we personally recommend their sheesh barak. Call 1730503 to order.

Show SHHA Mezza

A whole lotta options right here – you’re honestly spoiled for choice. Whatsapp 37737503 to get your fill!

Naseef Restaurant

One of the oldest traditional spots around the island and now you get to have their goodies at home! Can you ask for a better deal?

L’Avenue Cafe

Not just samboosas over here – they’ve got so many options including whole lasagnas perfect for suhoor.


Shawarma samboosa – name a better mashup!

Tariq Pastries

Seems like our whole kingdom has always been in love with Tariq pastries – they are a true staple!

Manaeesh Jubran

So many options over here and you even get a chance to enter their gold giveaway – talk about a deal!

Hala Cafe

Hala cafe has become a staple for traditional food in Bahrain – they’re always cooking up the best dishes – great for any Ramadan table.

Eat well & stay safe!

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