Local Highlights: 10 Comedians in Bahrain That’ll Seriously Make You Laugh

Hungry for some humor?

Or are we just waiting for futoor…? Anyway, if there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that time moves a little faster when you’re around free-spirited people. There’s a buzzing comedy scene in Bahrain with some faces that you’ve definitely seen around before. So, this list is perfect for anyone who’s in need of a little entertainment while they’re fasting. We’ve compiled a list of some notably funny personas around our island – scroll through to check them all out:


Imran Al Aradi

Does Imran Al Aradi even need an introduction, he’s one of the most loved and most watched comedians in Bahrain – and for good reason. He’s super active on his page – follow him to stay in the loop or catch him on Radio Bahrain!

Khaled Janahi 

Khalid Janahi has to be one of the most beloved comedians on the island – he always manages to make us laugh whether it’s with his skits, stand-ups or Bahraini hot takes.


You’ll find Bovlix wherever you look in the island – making everything funnier wherever he goes. His page is full of skits that are super relatable and you can even catch him modeling sometimes…

Ahmed Sharif

Ahmed Sharif is basically a local comedic icon at this point – he started with skits and soon moved on to bigger projects and we gotta say, we’re big fans over here!

Khaled AlDossary

Khaled Aldoseri calls himself a Caster, Comedian and Gamer geek!! Multi-faceted talent over here, and he has his very own podcast – Bedouin Banter! Click HERE to check it out.

Moh’d Jahrami

Comedian, musician – Jahrami has got all the bases covered on his page. He collabs with many other local comedians like Bovlix as well.

Abdulla Nezar J

A little bit f everything over here – 3boodjay does stand up and podcasts, and let us tell you, it’s all pretty funny. Tip: make sure to check out the captions on his posts, he doesn’t disappoint there either.

Amy Vaya

Amy is a great standup comedian – due to the pandemic she hasn’t had any performances in a while but you can catch her past acts on her Instagram page.

Ali Fingerz

A super entertaining and engaging local personality over here. Ali started out with stand up but now has huuuge ambitions including a venture in Filmmaking!

Ahmed Rasheed

This comedian even shows face in Ahmed Sharif’s newest YouTube series – Misbah! You guys can check out some of his skits on his IG page above, you’ll find several collabs here, too!

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