Save the Environment: This Local Spot Will Pay You to Recycle Their Water Bottles

Did you guess which place we’re talking about? A little hint – It’s a pretty little Greek spot we spoke about a while ago.

Yup, it’s Agora – and with all its authenticity it recently launched a new line

The all-new Nissi – Greek awarded products that are way too good to resist.

Fun fact – Nissi is the Greek word for ‘island’ and they named it to symbolize the island it was created on, Bahrain!

Their Nissi water bottles bring us water straight from the beautiful Snowy White Mountains of Crete – Greece and it contains 3 ingredients- Snow, Limestone and Time at an affordable range. Their water has a high pH level which has been proven not only to have many health benefits but also put us in a better mood. Interesting, isn’t it?

Reduce your carbon footprint

Agora has tied up with The eBin Company to recycle their Nissi water bottles and in exchange you get a voucher from Agora. All you have to do is dispose the label and cap, crush the bottles and set a pick up. The eBin Company will then send their team and hand over the vouchers. Such a great initiative to save Mother Earth!

So, the next time you’ve used your Nissi water bottle, you know what to do.