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We Asked You What Your Fave Local Kunafa Spot Was & Here Are the Top 10

We needed some more sweet options this Ramadan

‘Cause our cravings were hitting us hard last night & we’re currently counting down to futoor… Is there even anything more satisfying than a cheese-loaded kunafa in Ramadan, post-futoor? Luckily, our island’s got a whole lot of options for the perfect fix. We asked you guys where your go-to spot for kunafa in Bahrain was, and you came through with some of the best! Scroll below to find a kunafa spot to order from tonight:

Papa Kanafa

It goes without saying that Papa Kunafa is one of the top go-to spots in Bahrain, and you’ll be getting many different takes on kunafa – even kunafa ice cream!

WHERE: Click HERE for all the Papa Kunafa branch locations!

Al Kanafany

We love a good classic kunafa, but the nutella-loaded option from Al Kanafany is honestly calling to us…

WHERE: Click HERE for all the Al Kanafany branch locations!


Kanafawy even has a frozen kunafa option for the first time!!

WHERE: Tubli and Malkiya

Ward Al Sham

All the Shami sweets you’d ever crave come together at this spot – authentic kunafa and so many other concoctions to sweeten up our Ramadan nights.

WHERE: Adliya, Saar Mall and Arad


Mado calls this Turkish cheese kunafa a “pure delicious delight,” and we can confirm that it’s nothing short of that!!

WHERE: Click HERE for all Mado branch locations!

Saadeddin Pastry

Trust us, you’ll want to get a whole lot more than kunafa from Saadeddin!!

WHERE: Click HERE for all the Saadeddin branch locations.

Al Bindaira Cafe

Swipe left through the above carousel to check out some of the yummiest-looking kunafa, plus some other delicious options from Al Bindaira!

WHERE: Click HERE for the 3 Al Bindaira branch locations.

Al Romansiya

You guys brought this spot to our attention, and we’re about to take your suggestion and try it out after futoor!!

WHERE: Manama

Kanafa Makers

This spot has a version of kunafa that comes with both cream AND cheese – in the same kunafa! One to definitely try out.

WHERE: Hamad Town

Al Mazaideh

For some of the most authentic kunafa AND all-things-mansaf!

WHERE: Isa Town

Happy Ramadan binge-ing!

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