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This Local Spot Is Bringing Back All Our Childhood Flavors This Ramadan Ft. Ice Cream

The OG flavors

For all us Vimto addicts! Ramadan always gives us a reason to enjoy the foods we love, and there’s something about all of these that sets a vibe for the month every year… Boca Chica is a local business offering a whole lot of authentic ice cream flavors – and they’re elevating our Ramadan palettes! Boca Chica came out with a few exclusive ice cream flavors from their Ramadan menu, and they’re taking us way back to childhood days right now… You’re getting Vimto, Saffron, Rose Milk and Karak ice cream – all of which you’d only find during Ramadan!!

We’ve heard great (and yummy) things about the spot’s other flavors, like the cookies n cream option, but we’re honestly craving these Ramadan goods right now…

Catch us trying these after futoor

You can get these exclusively at Food Lab! Click HERE for the Riffa branch location.

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