You Have to See This Crescent Shaped Lake in The Heart of Dubai’s Desert

*Photo Credit: @lifenowandforver and @thenational

Dubai always manages to leave us stunned

& it’s no different this time around! @100.pixels AKA Mostafa is a Dubai-based photographer and videographer that found a true hidden gem in the heart of Dubai’s desert. A lake shaped like a crescent – super fitting for Ramadan, don’t you think?

He shot the video below and shared it to both TikTok and Instagram, where it went viral:

It’s not the first lake he’s managed to find in the UAE, though – he’s shared footage of other gems on his feed – including this lake which was especially Made for Dubai Expo 2020.

If you’re looking to visit the “Moon Lake” next time you’re in Dubai, click HERE for the location.

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