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If Your Interior Needs a Face Lift, We Know Just the Place

Dramatic interiors that make a statement

These days everyone is looking for a dramatic transformation in their lives, so why not our interiors as well? Makeshift has the design tools to make sure that our residential and commercial spaces get the revamping they deserve. They have the most calm, subtle and fresh designs which helps keep our surrounding and importantly, our inner self at peace.

Design guidance

As we know, Makeshift is a design studio that offers interior and furniture design. Not just that, they also provide hourly consultation for clients who are looking for guidance and procedure to self-decorate, after all, there’s an interior designer in all of us, right?

But what if you want to buy homeware?

Don’t worry, Makeshift will soon be launching a furniture and home accessories shop, called Makeshop. Here you can find furniture and home accessories for basically any space. So if you have a business or want to start one, you know whose help you can count on to style it.

We didn’t even tell you the best part yet! They will also be selling tea and coffee products (mugs, teapots) and if that wasn’t cool enough, there will be wall art, candles, linen cork boards and so much more.

For expressive interior designs, we think it’s time to shift to Makeshift, check out their website HERE