Ikea Bahrain Put Up An Ad On Their Store That Got The Attention Of Many

Ikea Bahrain ad

Over the weekend, the Swedish furniture giant Ikea put up an Ad on its storefront to promote their bedroom campaign, and it caught the attention of MANY people.

The Ad read “Create your perfect night’s sleep” and in Arabic, it translated to “Same that’s written but in Arabic”

Passerbys noticing the ad quickly took to social media to share with others and tagging Ikea, asking them if it was a mistake

It sort of blew up online and Ikea quickly covered it up with a text in Arabic saying “This is what happens when you don’t get a good night’s sleep. Enjoy your perfect night’s sleep”

Lots of people reacted to the whole thing, with some calling it out as a genius marketing idea

and some wondering if it was an honest mistake

Either way, it certainly got alll the attention!

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