In Celebration of National Day, Here Are Bahraini Things We All Do but Can’t Really Justify

Let’s have a look!

There are plenty of things specific to Bahrain and its people that just ARE. We’re not too sure who started these rituals but they exist, we do them, and we’re not too sure we can fully justify them…

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Having Jasmis before any trip abroad ever – even it’s as close as Dubai

Not sure if it’s fomo or because it’s just that good, but this is definitely a thing.

Karak from King Karak

At any hour, any season. Under the blazing hot sun or the cool December evenings, karak is life!

Yelling for mom for no reason whenever you enter the house

As if we needed something but really didn’t. Is this a universal thing?

Talabat for like, seriously ONE item

Don’t deny that you’ve done this at least once!

Saying ‘inzain shfeek bit9ee7?’ instead of just accepting defeat

We just can’t do it can we?

Khubiz khabaz – the only bread we’ll tolerate

Sacred. Khubiz khabaz is absolutely sacred.

Alo Basheer whenever we’re in Souq Manama

A ritual to top all rituals, maybe?

Having a whole tikka feast in the car

A parked car, a whole tray of tikka, friends or family and call it a night.

Cruising with absolutely no objective when you’re bored

Even taking a longer route just to have that final song last a little longer.

The neverending obsession with Mirinda citrus

What is this strange obsession that we have with citrus specifically?

Land cruisers ft. blacked out windows

Shoutout to all our other khaleejis, this one is an entire GCC thing!

Choki Choki forever

Something about how Choki Choki will NEVER taste like any other chocolate anything. Nutella can’t compete!!

Seeing Bahrain being mentioned in the show or news and freaking out

This one will always bring out that Bahraini pride for our tiny island!!! ‘Reppin.

Seeing a horse on the road & feeling the need to point it out

Weird but TRUE.

Seeing more Saudi cars than Bahraini cars on the weekends at City Center

This DID feel like a ritual at all points! Saudi, we miss you!!!

‘Kaf il7la8a’ every time a guy gets a haircut

Why? Who came up with this??

Mashtan road. If you know, you know!


Gotta love us and our peculiar ways!

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