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Here Are 10 Traditional Dishes to Prepare on National Day!

It’s going to be a challenge not to eat while cooking!

The island country of Bahrain is a melting pot of different cultures and traditions so it’s only natural that the influences show through their cuisine!

Get to explore what makes Bahrain through these 10 dishes you can make at home:

Bahraini Tikka

Everyone’s go-to meal! Tikka is made from meat pieces with spices paired with vegetables such as potatoes. It’s easy to add your own spin to it! We like adding a little bit of cheese into the mix.


Similar to porridge, this dish contains boiled wheat mixed with meat and seasonings. When first confronted by it, you may find it hard to believe that meat is included at all but once you take a bite it definitely shines through.


Known to be the national dish of Bahrain! The way the dish is made starts with rice infused with spices. Then cooked with chicken broth. Finally, for the main attraction, add the roasted chicken topped with toasted nuts. Exceptionally tasty!


Just ready to chow down on these little sweet fried yeast dumplings! Often paired with honey, date sauce, or saffron syrup. It’ll easily become your latest addition!


The most khaleeji of them all! It’s mostly cheese covered by kataifi soaked in sweet sugar-based syrup! Your diet is going to hate you for this!


Typically served as a starter, these as so beloved that some even eat this as the main course! It’s deep-fried ground chickpeas, broad beans, or both!


Just as sweet as the locals, this dish is sweet rice mixed with sugar, honey, rose water, and cardamom. You can eat it as a dessert or if you like taking risks pair it with fish! You won’t regret it!


Considered as a breakfast dish, it’s vermicelli sweetened with sugar. Additions of cardamom rose water, and saffron are optional however an egg omelet on top is a must!

Umm Ali

The literal translation of this wonderful dessert is “Mother of Ali” so you better believe that at least once in a Bahraini household this has been served! Although this dish screams “carbs” because it’s bread pudding with pastry, sugar, milk, nuts, topped with raisins.


A dessert we all know and love, this sweet paste is purely made from flour and oil and yet it’s oh so delicious! 

Enjoy Cooking!

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