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These 10 Restaurants Will Give You a Taste of Authentic Traditional Dishes

These Dishes Are So Mouth-Watering!

The best way to familiarize yourself with any other culture is to start with their cuisine! There are so many influences that go into the food. It reflects upon the type of people enjoying their meals accurately.

Here are 10 restaurants to help explore what makes Bahrain so enjoyable:

Darseen Cafe

Located at Bahrain National Museum. What better way of celebrating the culture than to indulge in traditional meals overlooking the sea view while you take a trip through Bahrain’s history!


Accommodating servers, walls covered all the visitors and delicious food. This place will have you spending hours there!

Oah Yamal Restaurant 

The ambiance alone will already give you an idea of Bahraini culture. Once paired with the food. Now that’s the ideal way of enjoying yourself!

Mashwi and Makli

These dishes just scream “khaleeji” so brace your taste buds!


A modern twist on traditional cooking, once seated here you will already be met with the infamous Bahraini hospitality! 

Chef Mohamed Marhoon Restuarant

This place will make you feel proud to be a part of Bahrain! The food is made from love and that makes a huge difference in the taste of it all!

Dag Ayoosh Restuarant  

Comparable to a Bahraini mom’s cooking. This will leave you falling into a food coma unlike you’ve ever had before!

Jassim Ali Al Zayed

The best snacks Bahrain has to offer! Samosas can be stuffed with anything you’d like! The most popular is cheese!

Mr. Shawarma

Staples of Bahraini cuisine, it says it all in the name! You have to try their shawarmas! It will make you keep wanting more!


An authentic taste of the old days, it’s simple yet so tasteful!

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