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It’s Mental Health Awareness Month & Here Are Some Accounts You Should Follow

We’re all about that self love

Left image courtesy: Ellie Zahedi @elaillu

With everything that’s going on in the world, it’s easy to forget to take care of yourself.

This May, we checked out some brilliant Instagram accounts you should check out for that lil breath of fresh air on your feed:

1. Shamsaha

Shamshaha is a free local women’s 24/7 crisis helpline that helps women emotionally, logistically, and informationally!

2. Hamad Al Saad

Hamad Al Saad, aka The Nourisher, is an ex-police officer and now wellness coach. He talks about various topics, ranging from peer pressure to men’s mental health! We couldn’t be more proud.

3. Ally Salama

Ally is a mental health ambassador for the Middle East, and has spoken at WHO, UN, and MIT. He also runs EMPWR MAG, a digital magazine on mental health in the region. Check out the website HERE.

4. Morgan Harper Nichols

Combining stunning illustrations with poems, Morgan creates art that’ll already have you feeling at peace when you see it.

5. Minaa B

Minaa B is a therapist and wellness coach based out of NYC, and her posts are the perfect small snippets of information that’ll have you take better care of yourself in no time!

6. Self Care Is For Everyone

Self Care Is For Everyone is a community that honours self-care in all of their gorgeous posts and merchandise. They also work with independent artists and nonprofit groups to help create products with only the most wholesome vibes.

7. Nedra Glover Tawwab

Nedra Glover Tawwab is a therapist and author whose work focuses on setting boundaries.

8. Yung Pueblo

Yung Pueblo is a writer and meditator who comes up with some serene short passages that’ll help you come home to yourself.

9. Lisa Olivera

Lisa Olivera is a marriage and family therapist who posts little reminders and lists about the healing journey that absolutely make our day.

10. Mari Andrew

Mari Andrew is an author and artist whose posts can heal, inspire, and help us acknowledge the lighter sides of ourselves.

Take care, and remember it’s okay to not be okay!

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