Another Blast From the Past? 250 Ancient Tombs Were Just Discovered In Egypt

Archaeologists in the region seem to be on a roll with all these ancient discoveries


Back in April, we found out that archaeologists in Egypt had unearthed an entire lost ancient city. Just a couple weeks ago, archaeologists in Saudi Arabia unearthed 1,000 stones that were 2,000 years older than the pyramids of Egypt… This time, Eqyptian archaeologists actually discovered 250 ancient tombs in Sohag, over in the southern province of Egypt, and the antiquities ministry has said that these are over 4,000 years old!!

When the Lost Golden City was discovered, it was deemed the second most important archaeological discovery since King Tut’s tomb… back in 1922. All of these finds are important to make note of because there usually is reason to keep exploring, seeing as the graves date back to ancient kingdoms. There were even hieroglyphic inscriptions and sacrifice chambers found in the tombs, according to the Head of the Supreme Council of Antiquities. Some of the objects found could be connected to ancient Egyptian deities, too, so there’s a lot to keep discovering here!

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