Last Month Was the 5th Hottest August in Bahrain in 120 years and We Totally Felt That

According to a report just released by the Meteorological Directorate, last month saw a record of 36.3 C 1.2 C above the long-term normal for August sitting at the 5th highest recorded temperature in Bahrain in the month of August.

The highest mean monthly temperature for August was 36.8 C recorded in 2021. Bahrain had 18 days with a maximum temperature exceeding 40 C. The highest temperature recorded during the month was 43.7C which was recorded on  August 15 at Bahrain International Airport.

The mean relative humidity for August was 57%, the mean maximum relative humidity was 74% and the mean minimum relative humidity was 36%. August 2022 was also the seventh sunniest month on record since the sunshine records began in 1968.

Temperatures have been soaring all around the world and fingers are being pointed at Global Warming for the reason why.

What do you think? Did you notice how hot it was or was it normal for you?

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