Starting Today, Vaccinated Locals Can Visit This Country in Europe Without Quarantine

Vacation, anyone?

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that the Governments of Bahrain and Hungary have reached an agreement mutually recognizing both countries COVID-19 vaccinations. Under the agreement, fully vaccinated individuals can travel to Hungary without the need to Quarantine on arrival. Additionally, they will be granted access to locations around the country that are restricted to those who are vaccinated.

Citizens of Hungary will enjoy the same benefits when visiting our country in return. Swipe through the carousel below to check out MOFA’s announcement:

Hungary is not the only country that’s making us an offer we can’t refuse, though. Earlier this year Malta announced a scheme where the country will be paying tourists to VISIT this summer! Basically, if you book to stay at 3-5-star hotels for 3 nights, the Malta Tourism Authority will be paying every guest. Those staying at a 5-star hotel will be getting about 45BD, 4-star hotel guests will be getting about 33BD. and about 22BD for those staying at 3-star hotels.

Any takers?

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