Support Local: You Can Get Your Summer Caps & Headwear From These Businesses

We asked you guys to come together to support local businesses a while ago, and we were amazed by the overwhelming (in a good way) amount of interaction from the local community! Everyone in Bahrain is so supportive of local businesses, and we’re here to recognize that and shed more light on the local scene. This list is all about getting ready for summer – by way of headgear! Caps, hats and durags over here. Scroll below to support our locals:

Mn Wain Clothing

Some of our fave locals with the coolest minimalist aesthetic fir shirts, hoodies and caps!! You can customize them b ased on the city you’d want on there, or even your names!


We recently brought Kaboos to your attention, and here’s a reminder!! They’ll customize your caps for you as well, and they’ve got some pretty cool designs so make sure you check their work out!

Drip Mania

A local business that you guys brought to our attention this time, and we love it!!

For those of you who are into bucket hats

Kensho is coming through with the horoscope-inspired pieces, like these bucket hats branded with your star sign!

More bucket hats & these are in support of Palestine

This local business has a jeans-inspired bucket hat, and all proceeds go towards supporting Palestine! You can even rock a few bandanas here, too.

BONUS: Durag

Another local business you guys brought to our attention recently, and this one is bringing us a different style of fashion pieces!

As always, support local and get a few pieces from the brands above

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This Local Business Designs the Coolest Caps & You Can Get Them Customized

قبعات وأشياء حلوة من مشاريع محلية خلونا ندعمها


طلبنا منكم في بوست سابق تدعمون المشاريع البحرينية وتذكرونها لنا، وبصراحة ما توقعنا هالعدد الكبير الي استقبلناه من مشاريع حلوة ومميزة. وبما إن الكل في البحرين يدعم غيره، احنا بعد نبي ندعم ونسلط الضوء على كل المشاريع المحلية. من جذي يبنا لكم قائمة يديدة هالمره تقدرون منها تستعدون للصيف وحرارته من قبعات وأغطية الرأس. نزلوا وجيكوا القائمة:

من وين


دريب مانيا

كينشو بحرين

١٩٧٣ ددز

دوراق بحرين

يلا ندعم شبابنا!