We Asked You Who Your Fave Local Writers Were & Here Are the Top 12

Putting locals under the spotlight again

Yesterday, we asked you guys who your favorite local writers are, and the talent on this island is absolutely unbelievable! It feels like we keep asking all the right questions, ’cause you guys always come through with the best recommendations! Here’s who you mentioned, go check these writers out and give them a follow. Scroll below to discover some local talent:

Mohammed Lori

You guys really came through with your own words about Mohammed’s talent, and we couldn’t agree more!

Poems by Majd

Another name we’ve come across around the island, and each one of his pieces tells a story.

Bader Alsadeqi

Get some of this local writer’s books on Amazon!

Digital Abdullah

Never afraid to speak his mind, Abdullah is well-known in the local poetry scene for his brave and honest pieces – you’ll definitely realize a thing or two after reading his pieces.

Ghazi Alshehabi

We especially love Ghazi’s car talks, make sure you guys check out his page!

Rohini Sunderam

Another local fave here who definitely has a way with words.

Outspoken Hash

Hash focuses on both words and videography with his work – invoking all sorts of emotions!

Laila Almotawa

Known for her articles and pieces which advocate for women’s rights, Leila is a novelist and even a mentor for aspiring writers!


You’ll find imagery, poetry and a minimalist aesthetic at play here – and we’re seeing a switch to Arabic poetry, too!


A typewriter dream! T.M.O. makes us relate to things we haven’t even experienced.

Maria Haneef

A Bahrain-based writer that a bunch of you called out to, and we have to recognize her beautiful craft!

Letters From Venus

Beautiful words, and you might even can catch her performing a piece or two at some local poetry nights!

BONUS: HH Sheikh Nasser bin Hamad

For some really powerful Arabic words, it feels like everything HH Sheikh Nasser says or writes comes out sounding like poetry! Make sure you read the captions on his photos.

Support local talent and follow these writers!

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