We’re Getting 5 New Cities in Bahrain as Part of the Economic Recovery Plan

Development in the right track!

A new Economic Recovery plan has just been announced which comprises the development of 5 new cities across the Kingdom and other exciting developments. 22 main projects are set to start in the fields of telecommunication and infrastructure, tourism, education, youth and sports, health, housing, and manufacturing, you name it!

The 5 new cities will include Fasht Al Jarim, Suhaila Island, Fasht Al Adham, Bahrain Bay and Hawar Islands. Fasht Al Jarim is the largest spanning across an area of 183 square kilometers including a tourism, logistic and residential area, also comprising a new airport.

A new ‘Sports City’ is also in plans which will include the largest sports stadium in Bahrain and an indoor sports complex which will be a great venue for the Kingdom to host international and national events. Bahrain International Convention and Exhibition Center will be the largest ‘Conference City’ in the Middle East.

Other projects also include the establishment of a Tourist City and new infrastructure plans that will spread across the Kingdom.

We’re super excited to witness it all!

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