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You’re About To Get A Shrimp Tub From Within A Shrimp Tub At This Local Seafood Spot

Some crispy stuff on the way

Shrimp Tub is the newest shrimp spot in Bahrain, which we caught at Al A’ali Mall Winter Market. It’s basically a shrimp tub within a shrimp tub. We call it tub-ception.

If you’re into fried, crispy, saucy treats – this is where you need to go!

And, the fries? Oh, let us tell you…

Seasoned to perfection and just too good to be true. But, we can confirm, they exist and we need them in our tummies again. They’ve even got a ton of flavor options – you can’t go wrong with the classic but they’ve got ma3booch, lumee and truffle tubs, too. So, a bunch of flavor profiles out here!!

Kicking seafood waaay up a notch

Click HERE to stay up to date with Shrimp Tub’s pop-up movements!!

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