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If You’ve Got A Sweet Tooth: This New Spot In Juffair Square Is Calling Out To You

MUH – The House of Pudd is the newest spot on the island, and it’s perfect if you’re the type that waits through dinner just to get to dessert! If you’re anything like us, you’ll probably wanna have dessert first… The new restaurant, which came all the way from Kuwait, is fully specialized in desserts – or pudding, as the Brits call it.

Just take a look at this croissant concoction

Really, though, it’s dessert galore over here – they’ve got everything from saffron cakes to cheesecake poppers!! And this Black Tower that’s shouting out to us:

If you’re not that into sweets, they have something for you, too! MUH is currently amidst their soft opening, but they’re serving breakfast as well. You can pay them a visit at their Juffair Square location (click HERE) where they have a patio perfect for safe dining.

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