Meet Dr Manar! Bahrain‘s Youngest Consultant & Rheumatologist

Meet Dr. Manar Majed Al-Tawash, an inspiring figure in the medical world! Dr. Manar is a Consultant, Rheumatologist, and Internal Medicine specialist! She graduated from the Arabian Gulf University with a BSc and MD degree. She began her journey in internal medicine at Salmaniya Medical Complex. Fun fact: she was the first female to get Saudi Board certification in internal medicine!

Dr. Manar continued to shine, completing her fellowship in rheumatology in Saudi Arabia. At a young age, she became Bahrain’s youngest consultant and now works at Royal Bahrain Hospital. She’s not just a doctor but also a renowned speaker and researcher, often seen sharing her expertise at conferences. Dr. Manar continues to inspire many with her dedication and achievements in the medical field!

So Proud!

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