We Asked You What Your Fave Art Studio/Space in Bahrain Was and Here Are Your Top Picks

Art is the answer!

We’re back with yet another list of your faves and this week’s list is all about the local art scene! We talk about artists and creatives but we thought, why not focus on some really cool art studios/spaces in Bahrain? Art is all about expressing yourself, and we have a couple of great spots in Bahrain where you can channel your inner artist and learn new skills! Scroll through to check them out:

Passion Art

You guys absolutely LOVE this place and we’re here to agree!
Where: Saar

Sketch and learn with so much fun!
Where: Manama


Of course, Artology had to make it to the list!
Where: Saar

Al Riwaq Art Space

The pretty green place!
Where: Manama


Workshops for both kids and adults, this place is a fun spot for all things art!
Where: A’ali

ATK Studio

The incredible ‘krew’ of artists has recently come together to bring us ATK Studio!
Where: Manama

Art Concept

Founded by Jehan Saleh, this studio arranges art exhibitions and workshops to support talent in Bahrain!
Where: Andalus Garden

Touch of Art

Art and everything creative, this place is where you need to be!
Where: Zinj, Budaiya

Mosaic House

A picnic with the fam and some mosaic art? Sounds like a good plan!
Where: Al Maqsha


A safe space for artists!
Where: Saar

Honorable mentions:, maharat_bh, wildaboutartco,

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