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Here Are 15 Fine Dining Spots On talabat To Order From On Valentine’s Day

The fact of the matter is: we’re all stressed out

We all wanna stay home and stay safe, but we also wanna enjoy the one-off annual celebrations and life’s little things… Valentine’s Day is coming up, and there IS a way to make it special with your loved ones at home!

Different local businesses in Bahrain have been thriving on the ‘kashta’ set ups, so you can even make your day extra aesthetic by calling one of them up to fix up your front/backyard (Scroll to the bottom of this article or click HERE for this list).

Anyways, once again, talabat saves the day. We’ve compiled a list of Bahrain’s BEST fine dining spots that you can order from on talabat! Scroll below to check these out:

Cafe Lilou

The classic that saves us in every single occasion and family gathering. You can have Lilou’s dishes for every meal of the day – DON’T FORGET DESSERT – and you will be nothing short of satisfied. Luckily, it’s on talabat!!


Japanese food at its finest here, it’s safe to say we all know how good Mirai is and so will the person you’re spoiling with this meal!!

M by Mirai

Another contemporary Japanese experience, from M by Mirai. Feel free to experiment with a little bit of everything, ’cause it’s all worth it here.


So much Italian goodness at Fatto, so it comes with authenticity AND all those romantic Italian vibes for Valentine’s Day!

The Orangery

Another one of our faves, The Orangery’s menu is now on talabat and you can get a pretty aesthetic spread from here set up at home! You can’t go wrong with any of their dessert options for a cherry on top!

Angelina Paris

Should it be a given that French food is romantic? Especially with the whole “Paris is the city of love” vibe that’ll surely come with this… Seems like a pretty fitting option to us!

InterContinental Regency Hotel

You can get Arabic and International options here, and their talabat menu is pretty plentiful. You’ll basically get a whole hotel restaurant experience while you’re safe at home!

Bushido by Buddha Bar

Personally, we’re always craving sushi from Bushido. This’ll be great for a night in for V Day, so check out Bushido’s talabat menu!

Sato by Gulf Hotel

Another Japanese fave – cause we can’t get enough sushi – blessing us with their menu on talabat.


We know, we’re giving you plenty of sushi-fave options, but isn’t that the only way to go?? And, Maki obviously is one of the go-tos.


As DJ Khaled say: ANOTHER ONE!! One of the classic gourmet, fine-dining restaurants in Adliya, which’ll always be in our local hearts!!!

Maki Bowls by Kojo

You can order Kojo’s newest thing – Maki Bowls, basically sushi in a bowl! This is the last sushi-based suggestion guys, we promise…

Fusions by Tala – by Gulf Hotel

Another Gulf Hotel experience, this one from Fusions by Tala. A Bahraini chef shining at work here, and as you know, we love to see it!

Wyndham Garden Manama

Atmosphere at Wyndham Garden is also available to set you up for a cozy dinner at home – the promise is a 5-star dining experience, with a pretty extensive menu of options!!

Takht Jamsheed by Gulf Hotel

A super authentic Persian option at Gulf Hotel – another spread you can get delivered through talabat.

There you have it! Indoor V Day plans SAVED and secured. All you gotta do is get on talabat – you’ll find a ‘Fine Dining’ list under the ‘Food’ category, so you can browse and order away (click HERE)! Make sure you follow and keep up with talabat’s updates on Instagram, click HERE to check out their page.

And, is there any person in Bahrain that doesn’t have the talabat app downloaded…? Well, if you’re late to the party, do yourself a favor and get the app on your phone right now:


Happy Valentine’s Day bingeing!

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