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YUM! 5 Ways This Delicious Treat Will Be Your New Quarantine Fave

Let’s face it, quarantine has leveled up some of our snack game, but probably not quite like it’s about to once you try this new sweet treat.

Your Netflix binges are about to be iconic because of TWO words: lazy cake. Yep, you heard it right. By definition, this OG chocolate cake is exactly as it’s defined, tastes out-of-this-world GOOD, looks complicated but is actually quite easy to make.

Bahraini baker, Aya Bseisu, decided to take the iconic ‘lazy cake’ up a notch with Snax and you’ll soon find out how. Keep scrolling (and we apologize in advance for the mouthwatering state you’re about to be in!)

1. The lazy cake is perfect for ANY time of day


Have it with your afternoon tea, morning coffee, as breakfast, lunchtime treat or as a gift for your bestie’s birthday. Whatever the case is, lazy cake is a cause for celebration. ALWAYS.

2. The recipe dates ALL the way back from the late ’60s – thanks to the baker’s grandma!

The young baker who pours her heart into making these sweet treats actually got the recipe from her grandmother, who’s been making them since the late ’60s! And let’s be honest, grandmothers know best.

Plus, you’d be supporting local- always a plus!

3. There are SO many flavors to choose from and more to come- Oreo stuffed lazy cake anybody?

Just when you thought you didn’t hav a flair for chocolate, Snax decides to come up with not one, not TWO but EIGHT different flavors for every kind of sweet tooth.

You like your coffee as dessert? Much like the genie in a bottle, Snax has granted that wish: ‘espresso bites’ is the choice for you. There’s also the OG chocolate flavors coffee (you have the option of strong or mild), Oreo stuffed (YASS!), choc on the rock, lotus mess, vanilla latte, matcha and Nutella pistachio.

And if you keep up with Snax’ IG account, you’d be glad to know that they accept suggestions for other lazy cake flayyvas. What’s your flavaaaa?

4. It will satisfy ALL those ‘sweet’ cravings!

…and makes for the perfect comfort snack.


5. The whole process of ordering it is done safely, here’s how:

COVID-19 is no joke and Snax understands this. All the treats are prepared with gloves on, to start. If you’re worried about the exchange mode of payments, worry not, because if you’ve got your BenefitPay sorted- that’s the only form of transaction accepted here.

Order yours now, all you have to do is WhatsApp them and have it right by your doorstep- BOOM!

Here’s the quick link to their WhatsApp digits.

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