10 Relatable Tweets That’ll Make Your Day

The internet has it on lock when it comes to hilarious and accurate memes that can really make someone’s day, and Twitter always comes through with alll the funny content that makes you think “omg that’s so me”.

Scroll down to check out 10 funny tweets that are soo relatable:

1. *Thinks about what you’re having for lunch today*

2. For real though, this speaks volumes of truth

When you’re in bed by 12 but all of a sudden it’s 2:30 am

3. FaceTime is just a hi-tech version of a mirror tbh

*occasionaly glances at the person on FaceTime*

4. This happened at least once in everyone’s life

*Awkwardly stands patiently while the two speak*

5. How this moment in the shower is described so accurately in this tweet

This is why we all use shower gel now!

6. This is so relatable to life rn

Trying to be productive but then spend 2 hours watching TikTok videos

7. The moment you have to re-think your driving skills

At least it’s not as bad as parallel parking in public lool

8. Can’t count how many times this has happened in life

The amount of times a conversation had a “Haha, that’s crazy” is a lot tbh

9. Ahh missing the social life

Can’t wait to see them alll

10. This one that speaks the truth

Regardless of this fact, I will continue to eat a pint of ice cream in one sitting

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