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Support Local: 5 Bahrain Based Honey Brands You Should Know About

Bahrain Honey Brands

Bahrain has a mouth watering collection of desserts to offer to us, ranging from the crunchy Baklava to the soft milky Umm Ali. What is interesting is that most of the sweeteners in these desserts are healthier substitutes of sugar, for instance honey. Honey is known for its numerous health benefits like keeping your cholesterol in control, steady blood pressure and a healthier digestive system. People here do enjoy a generous amount in their tea or even on their fave Kanafeh.

In Bahrain, we have many local sellers who are working wholeheartedly towards providing their customers with the best natural and raw honey. Scroll down below to see a list of 5 organic honey stores that you should definitely order from.

1. Pamchal

Along with organic honey, this store is the perfect place for vegan, gluten free sweets and some beautiful potted plants. A unique concept store in itself, this place is worth a visit.


2. Janahi Honey

With guaranteed lab tests done on each batch to bring you the best honey, the founder Essam Janahi is very transparent with the process of honey making and lets his customers know what goes about in preparing this honey.


3. El Hamy Honey

This local store, Hami Honey, offers even a special variety of white honey which is unpasteurized and unfiltered. Their lab test results are attached with the product for the consumers to be sure of what they are buying.


4. Al Yaboor Apiary

With their beekeeping farm right here in Bahrain, only the freshest raw honey is prepared for the customers.


5. Organic Honey Bahrain

Organic honey offers their products for children and adults to improve digestive disorders since it’s very light on your stomach as well as relief from any mouth infections like gum swelling. They also have no delivery charges for their products.


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