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This Cafe Has Good Brews, Breakfast For Champs & The Best Views

This is one of those spots that you enter and, you know, never wanna leave

Higher Grounds is where it’s at, guys. This cafe is a hub for all things “chilling” with the best coffee brews and delicious stuff on the side!! They’ve got a great menu of drinks, so coffee isn’t all we’re getting over here!

And, the photos speak for themselves about the vibes in there. The cafe is super spacious – we have to say that the chairs here are extremely comfortable, the type you sink into as you sip your coffee – basically exactly what we need right now.

The most popular dish here is probably the Field Platter, which is a super aesthetic plate of basically all the good stuff, from avocado toast to beetroot hummus to poached eggs. They even have some other pretty unique menu items, like the Espresso French Toast and ‘Hippie’ Pancakes which we are already hungry for!!!

Oh, and all you vegans out there, this is a special shout out to you. Higher Grounds has some of the yummiest-looking vegan options, freshly made every day!

WHERE: Tubli

It’s never too late for coffee & we’re on our way to this cafe rn

Might even camp out there for the night…