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This One-Of-A-Kind Cereal Bar Cafe in District 1 Needs to Be On Your Checklist

Cereal killers where you at?

We’re all for new spots in Bahrain and this one’s just a whole other concept! Cereality is a cereal bar cafe in District 1 and guys, it’s not just any other cafe, this one is a must visit! If you’re a sucker for cereal like most of us, you will love this place, they have all the cereal goodness you might ask for!

From cereal bowls to special milk options and what not! They even have ice creams and super cool drinks and guys let’s not forget their cereal dispensers, yeah actual dispensers!

You can even get a customised cereal spoon! We mean, this is like a cereal lover’s dream place!

Check out Cereality in District 1.

They say, forget reality, have cereality!

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