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We Asked You What Your Fave Kunafa Spots in Bahrain Were & Here Are Your Top Picks

best kunafa spots in Bahrain

Kunafa time!

Nothing beats having kunafa after lunch on a Friday spent with family and relatives! If you’re looking for classic kunafa or looking for a twist, this list has an option for everybody!

So we asked you where your favorite spot in Bahrain is that has mouth-watering kunafa and you didn’t disappoint!
Here is the kunafa spots list per your suggestions. Check it out.

AlKanafany Bahrain

A crowd favorite! AlKanafany kunafa is one of the best kunafa shops in Bahrain! Whether you’re looking for a classic cheese kunafa or you’re feeling more like Nutella, Alkanafany got you covered.

AlRomansiah Bahrain

On top of having really good food, AlRomansiah is one of the best kunafa spots in Bahrain. If you love Nutella, make sure to try theirs!

Ward Alsham Bahrain

Head to Ward Alsham for the best authentic kunafa experience in Bahrain! Their cheese kunafa is the best, and the cream one is totally worth checking out!

Papa Kanafa

No place is like Papa Kunafa in serving kunafa with a twist! Check their kunafa lollies out for smaller and easier-to-share kunafa pieces with a variety of flavors.

Mado Bahrain

We aren’t surprised that Mado has made it to the list! The restaurant is a crowd favorite in sweets. If you love crispy kunafa, their take on it is a must-try.

Aabsi Kunafa

No Kunafa is like Aabsi’s kunafa! If you love street food, check this one out near Karbabad!

Almazaideh Restaurant

If cheese kunafa is your thing, Almazaideh is your go-to spot. Check out their video of their super stretchy and cheesy kunafa!

Hala Lebnan

Grab your loved ones and head to Hala Lebnan for the most generous Kunafa filling serving ever. Just looking at this makes us hungry!

Gunaydin Bahrain

Try out Gunaydin’s Kunafa, right from the source with a Turkish recipe that is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Happy munching!

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