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We Asked You What Your Fave Spot for Bubble Tea in Bahrain Was and Here Are the Top 10

Summer days are here!

Sometimes nothing helps on a hot summer day than a refreshingly COLD drink. Sipping on a tasty bubble tea is all we need! If you’re a real fan of the drink, you must have tried every spot on the island, and what’s better than taking an opinion from the pros! So we asked you guys to tell us what was your fave spot for bubble tea in Bahrain, and here are the top 10.


Nothing better than the classic boba milk tea! Located at Seef Mall, this spot will have your bob dreams come true!
Bonus: try their coconut smoothie, yum!

CDC Bubbly

This spot is the only one in Bahrain that serves so many exciting spins on Boba like this Honey Comb version.


From unique to the classic, this spot has a wide range of flavors for you to try! It sure is a fave among tea lovers!

Chaba Thai Bubble

We’re having a Taro Milk Tea after iftar!


Let’s all try their Ramadan special flavors!


Tho this place is closed, you guys mentioned it, well that’s how much we love MoChaCha!

Chobcha Thai Tea

Guys, we owe you big time for this! Loving your recommendations!


A nice taro boba tea is all we need!


This one’s currently home-based tea hub, we suggest you give them a call at 3990 4206!

Swirls Cafe

Local cafe making waves with their bubble tea!

Grabbing a large one after iftar!

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