If You’re Planning a Vacation, Check Out These Local Pet Stays For Your Furry Friends!

Kennels and Catteries in Bahrain!!

If you’re a pet parent and planning a vacation, you’re obviously hesitant to leave your little poochie behind! But you don’t need to worry! There are a bunch of boarding facilities available around the island! So, while you’re vacationing, let your pet go on a much-deserved vacation as well!

First, prepare!

Now, before you decide to board your pets, make sure of a few things:

  1. Ensure you have all the vaccination records of your dogs and cats. These pet stays are particular about it so they can ensure the best care for your pets
  2. Make sure the boarding facility you choose has the right kind of environment suitable to your pets’ mood!
  3. Many of these facilities also train your dogs. Make use of the service while you’re away!
  4. Meals are included. If your pet has a specific diet, do inform the staff!
  5. If your pets have health issues, make sure you’ve informed the staff at these facilities!

Scroll below to check out these boarding facilities:

Bed & Biscuits – Burhamah

They board dogs and cats in their sprawling and spacious space! Get your pets trained or just let them vacation with other furry friends and amazing staff!

Saar Kennels – The Pet Hotel and Spa – Al Markh

In the Kingdom since 1998! It’s one of the oldest and most trusted spaces to let your pets vacation for a few days! They’ll also help you out with relocation and training for your pets.

Delmon Boarding Kennels – Barbar

It’s an extensive recreational boarding facility for dogs and cats built in the vast agricultural area of Barbar!! They also have a huge pool for your pets to get that summertime lounge!

Henlo – iOS app

Okay, so Henlo isn’t a kennel or a cattery but it’s an iOS app that connects pet owners with verified pet-boarders! So, find like-minded individuals through the app who’ll give your little one all the love!! The app also helps you with other services like pet grooming, walking, training, and more!

Hamra’s Cattery – Madinat Khalifa

Cattos only!! Hamra has created a safe space a number of cuties at her cattery!!

Bahrain K9 Kennels – Manama

Classic Kennel – Hamala

An in-house vet, daily and monthly accommodations, and training for your poochies if you need it – this kennel in Hamala has it all.

Check out these spots to give your pets a home away from home!

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