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Bring Out the Rackets and Check Out These 8 Padel Courts in Bahrain

Padel up!

Padel or Padel Tennis is one of the fastest-growing sports in the world. And it’s gaining a lot of popularity in the Kingdom with a bunch of Padel courts cropping up across Bahrain! It combines the excitement and format of tennis but is just a whole lot easier to play. We shared with you some of the coolest facts about the sport a few days back and today we have 8 padel courts in Bahrain for you to check out! Scroll through to know more:

Sky Padel

Sky Padel is Bahrain’s first rooftop padel court and is located at LOT 172 Parking Lots in Adliya.
Book on @malaebapp or call 7737 7382

Padel Avenue

Padel Avenue has panoramic padel courts, located in Zallaq. You can book a lesson to learn from the coach or even book a court to play it out with your pals!
Book through Malaeb or call 7737 7382

Padel Mania

This is indoor padel court is a fave among locals and for all the right reasons!
Book through Malaeb or call 3200 5717

The Padel Club

Padel with a view! The Padel Club is located in Dilmunia and it is a whole other vibe!
Book here.

Let’s Padel 

LetsPadel, located in Seef, has opened one of the first and largest indoor Padel courts in Bahrain.
Book here.

Padel Bahrain

Padel Bahrain was the first Padel court that opened in the Kingdom. Consisting of 4 padel courts available for booking, Padel Bahrain also provides coaching services for newcomers.
Book with @187courts App

Padel Park

Padel Park Bahrain has two panoramic courts where you can enjoy the view while playing.
Book through malaeb

Pink Padel

Play padel with a bunch of your friends and sip on great coffee from Dose! We’re sure you guys are as intrigued as we are!
Book through Malaeb or WhatsApp 3822 2444

Play it out!

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