Get Rewarded With Every Purchase You Make as a Standard Chartered Customer

Trying to save and wanting to spend – it’s a dilemma we all go through in life, isn’t it? But what if we told you that you could spend on anything while enjoying all kinds of rewards and benefits every time you spent on a cup of coffee, a staycation, flight tickets, or the movies?

With more than 10 rewards and discounts, Standard Chartered is giving you purchasing power like no other!


Get an extra dose of happiness on coffee or cupcakes!


Get anywhere between 10% and 50% when you book a staycation, movie, or flight tickets, choose self-care, rent a car, or dine out with your family. You can also stand a chance to win big at Lulu Hypermarket on every purchase made with Standard Chartered!

Personal Assistance

Get concierge services, reservations to restaurants, and exclusive access to airport lounges around the world!

All the benefits you need are packed into Standard Chartered Falcon Flyer and World cards. So, open your account with Standard Chartered today and explore all the rewards they have for you!

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