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We Asked You Who Your Fave Local Food Blogger Was and Here Are the Top 15

Your verdict is in!

We’re dedicating this post to food, food, and more food! And what better way to fall in love with it than the experience our favorite local food bloggers give us?! We’ve compiled this based on your comments. So, scroll down for the complete list!


A local favourite!


Always trying something new! This food blogger is all about enjoying the experience that food has to offer.

The Food Menu is one of the most trusted food bloggers in town, and we’ve only heard good things from you guys – plus, her page says it all!


Looking to add a healthy twist to your diet? Follow this mom-blogger for all the ideas!

All the ins and outs of food in Bahrain can be found on this blogger’s page!

Check out some of this blogger’s amazing reels about restaurants in Bahrain!


Some of the best restaurants in Bahrain under one umbrella – and plenty of reviews! Eliminates all our indecisiveness, doesn’t it?

Find curations of the best in Bahrain! A go-to food directory for us all!


This ‘Bahraini Foodie’ stays on top of all the newest food talk of the town!


Reviewing, writing, and talking about everything related to food!


Check out all the new food hubs in Bahrain with this Golden Lady!


Get the best recommendations from this foodaholic!


Get the freshest recommendations and try new dishes – Noorb-style!


For all the trendy food hubs in Bahrain!


This page by three besties is all you need to get the best takes on food in Bahrain!

Thank you for all the 600+ votes, you guys!