It’s World Pet Day and Here Are 10 Local Businesses for Our Little Best Friends

World Pet Day!

Pets are just adorable and we agree. We know we all love our furry buddies and want to give them the best there is, be it food, care, or essentials. Thinking of all the good things for our pals, we have compiled the best pet businesses in Bahrain, scroll through to check them out:

Paws Corner

They say ‘pamper your pets at our corner’ and they’re right. This one’s a one-stop-shop for your pets’ grooming. They’ve got adorable before and after photos and we can’t help but visit with our besties! They also have pet food and accessories.

Barx + Bones

This is a super adorable pet bakery with a bunch of unique options for your dogs. Cakes and pizzas for our pets? We’re here! You can get their goods delivered by messaging them directly on Instagram.

Pretty Paws Bahrain

This one’s a spa on wheels for your babies! Yeah, that’s true! A van that comes to you for a full spa day of your pet pals. Book HERE

Saar Kennels Bahrain

The Pet Hotel & Spa in Bahrain since 1998, yes that’s true! Check them out HERE.


Treats for your dogos are here and they’re sure to love it! They use natural and wholesome ingredients for the best quality.

Pawsitive Homes

Super creative and pretty homes for your pets are sorted at this place. Pawsitive Homes is located in Amwaj and has an amazing variety of pet houses, we suggest you check them out!

Azzam Pet Shop

Azzam Pet Shop has a bunch of different pet food options, along with accessories and essentials. Head over to their shop for a bunch of variety.

Pets Cabana Bahrain

Pets Cabana takes care of your pet’s grooming along with accessories and essentials. They also have pet food with a bunch of different options.

Coco Pets

CocoPets aims to take care of your pets as if they were their own! They even have a veterinary technician, veterinary assistant, and a qualified professional in pet first-aid on board – so you know that your pets are well taken care of!
Contact: 3216 5222

Pet Mate

Pet Mate is honestly that good friend your pet needs, after you of course! With grooming, food, and accessories all at one spot!

Go best friend!

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