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You Can Have Shawarma in All the Delicious Ways at This Spot in Bahrain

Shawarma, a way to our heart

The staple in every local household. Not only that, but there are too many spots to choose from in Bahrain… Luckily, we’ve discovered Bombo Shawarma and our decision-making process has become super simple. They’ve concocted a modern way to have shawarma – made with fresh dough and high quality ingredients, of course!

Super yummy tenderloin meat

They use the juiciest tenderloin meat, this light- weight, tender meat is a fan fave. Plus their bread is always freshly baked. What a combination!

P.s. Don’t miss out on their Bombo fries, the most loaded bowl you will ever taste!

Shawarma on pizza

All their varieties of delicious pizzas will leave you spoiled for choice. Their fusion pizzas will make you want more & more. Plus, for all our vegetarian friends, they have pizzas for you too.

They have so many pastries you can try

Can we take a moment and appreciate these pastries? They taste as good as they look. And can we say it again, SO MANY OPTIONS! We absolutely cannot pick a fave.

We’re heading to Bombo Shawarma right away! Catch them on Talabat.