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You Can Now Get Japanese Soft Serve Ice Cream In Bahrain

Gather round, there’s a new flavor in town!

This new ice cream truck in Bahrain is all about new experiences!


If you’ve ever wanted to travel to Japan (or have before and love the culture) you’ll want to visit Umai Tori in Bahrain. Newly launched by Mohamed Al-Kuwari, Umai Tori is a soft-serve ice cream truck in Isa Town serving imported Japanese flavors that locals are curious to try.

With 6 unique flavors that’ll make you think “What’s that?” and “I gotta try this ASAP”, a taste of these ice creams will make your mouth water.

There’s the base flavor Hokkaido Milk, which is a rich, creamy, and smooth milk that comes from Japan, Yoshino Sakura; a subtle cherry blossom flavor, Aomori Apple, a sweet and tangy apple flavor and also one of the most popular apples in Japan, Bailan Melon; a locally famous Chinese melon similar to honeydew, Tomita Lavender, a lavender flavor who’s name is an ode to Japan’s largest lavender field, and Enoshima Sea Salt named after the Japanese island known for its uses of fresh sea salt.

You can get a combination of flavors for a variety in a cone (1 BD) or in a cup (1.5 BD) as well as add-in some toppings such as mini marshmallows and Okinawa Tiger Sugar Syrup.

Find the Umai Tori food truck on Estiqlal Walkway in Isa Town, open from 6 PM to 11 PM daily except Sundays.