13 Of The Best YouTube Channels That Are Actually Super Great To Relax To

Get ready to be introduced to your new obsession.

Chances are, you use YouTube to play music videos, listen to Joe Rogan podcasts, watch several compilation videos of cats, Tasty videos, or drama channels. Basically YouTube has every single video you could possibly think of.

YouTube is the kind of website where you can fall into a rabbit hole of content either by discovering a channel and watching video after video of the content creator, or by clicking a video and following the YouTube algorithm recommending similar content, either way, you could spend hours and hours watching videos on YouTube! Knowing that we’re spending a lot of time at home and looking for ways to keep up entertained, this is not a bad thing right now.

If you’re looking for some interesting and captivating content to discover, check out these 13 YouTube channels for some peacefulness. These videos are surprisingly very relaxing and therefore great for reducing stress and anxiety!

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1. Primitive Technology 

This channel is run by an Australian guy who spends time in nature building things from scratch, like building shelter and tools using nothing but natural materials. Watching videos where through time and effort, things are built with little resources in the middle of the wilderness is somehow very calming.

2. Primitive Tool

Another channel from the primitive genre on YouTube is Primitive Tool. They build a lot of cool pools and houses basically out of basic tools they’ve made. A lot of digging and carrying buckets of water is involved. It’s amazing and so relaxing to watch!

3. 李子柒 Liziqi

One of the most peaceful YouTubers out there is Liziqi in China. She uploads wholesome food and country-living style videos, surrounded by the bountiful nature. You can spend hours being mesmerized by the content she posts. From picking fruits whilst riding a horse to how to survive the winter like a Disney princess.

4. Foo the Flowerhorn

We’re obsessed with this genre of videos on YouTube and this channel is one of the best out there. Content creators with aquarium hobbies document the many different environments they can create. Watching them brings a sense of calm and stillness to your day.

5. Pablo Cimadevila 

Another mesmerizing and calming genre on YouTube is those channels that turn natural materials into swords, jewelry, and more. Seeing someone turn a brick of iron into a ring or a sword through forging and melding can feel very relaxing. Plus you learn something interested in how things are made!

6. Tom Slime

If you haven’t heard about how amazing slime videos are well you’re about to find out! These videos are mesmerizing and satisfying. What’s great about them is that you can learn to make slime at home too, which is a great way to pass time and reduce anxiety while at home.

7. Defunctland

This informative channel is actually super interesting if you’re into history or amusement parks. Defunctland is a YouTube series discussing the history of extinct theme parks and themed entertainment experiences.

8. HowToBasic

A channel teaching you the basics of just about anything! From how to make ramen to how to wash your dishes, you’ll be surprised while catching yourself watching one How To video after another, there’s a reason why this channel has got over 2 billion views!

9. Space Videos

If you are interested in or would like to learn more about space and feel how small we actually are in the universe, space videos are where it is at. This channel will often do live streams of NASA cams, Space X, and many other significant space launches and is the perfect channel to relax to.


You probably heard of ASMR (Autonomous sensory meridian response) which triggers pleasure senses in our bodies and used to relax people. ASMR sounds are extremely popular on YouTube and although Mukbangs and whispering is not for everybody, Cooking ASMR is something worth checking out! This channel has great recipes and ASMR so its a win-win.

11. Lofty Pursuits

This channel based in Florida makes hard candy using equipment from the Victorian period. Its really cool to see what candy was made back in the 1800s and how as well as seeing someone today using these old equipment in the modern world. You also get to learn a lot of interesting facts while watching candy being made!

12. Looper

If you’re a TV & movie buff you’ll want to check out this channel! This YouTube genre involves delving into entertainment from backstories or explaining the series or film. It’s easy to fall down a rabbit hole of Looper videos as you learn more about your favourite shows and films!

13. Silicone color mixing

Silicone pouring and silicone colour mixing are one of the most soothing and mesmerizing videos on YouTube! Just watch as silicone goes through a press machine over and over until it gets mixed with the colour fully.