46 Fun Virtual Backdrops To Download For Your Next Zoom Conference Call

Have you heard of Zoom?

A lot of people are using Zoom for video calls lately. Working from home? We bet you’ve been in a few Zoom conference calls since! Or maybe you’re catching up with friends? If so, you’ve probably figured out by now that you can change your backdrop to images from your computer or from Zoom’s backdrop files which can add a little fun to your call. If you’re using Zoom to have virtual parties with friends or catching up with some, this would be a good exciting thing to add to the group chat! Check out these 46 backdrops to use on your next Zoom video call.

1. Spideys in bed

2. Classic DVD screensaver

3. Windows 95 on a loop

4. Wearing pants

5. In space

6. Los Pollos from Breaking Bad

7. A hoarder’s kitchen

8. Alll the cats

9. Bob’s Burgers restaurant

10. An empty airplane

11. Family Guy living room

12. Jewelry shop from Uncut Gems

13. On the moon

14. The Presidential office

15. Space from Star Wars

Star Wars: X-Wing chased by TIE fighter from r/zoombackgrounds

16. Mr Bern’s office from The Simpsons

17. Yelling at cat meme

18. Bohemian Rhapsody music video

19. A mugshot

20. Distracted girlfriend meme

21. Math class

22. The stairs from Joker

23. This classic wall from Stranger Things

24. A futuristic city

Neon Rooftops (looping) from r/zoombackgrounds

25. The bench from Forest Gump

26. Auditioning on American Idol

27. Make it a crowd

28. The Matrix on a loop

29. On a boat

I made this clip from a YouTube video, and used it during a zoom class yesterday… (my classmates got sea-sick) from r/zoombackgrounds

30. Big Bang Theory living room

31. On a crew ship

Zoom background video for difficult meetings (loops perfectly) from r/zoombackgrounds

32. An Anime bedroom

33. Inside a bounce house

34. Inside the Late Late Show set

35. The basement from that 70’s show

36. Distracted boyfriend meme

37. In space again!

38. On the iron throne from Game Of Thrones

39. Monologue room from The Office

40. Retro maze screensaver

Retro Maze Screensaver from r/zoombackgrounds

41. Spongebob’s house

42. A storage room/office

43. A campfire in the wilderness

Campfire by the river from r/zoombackgrounds

44. Being chased in Jurassic Park


46. The Simpson’s couch