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These Bahrain Based Chefs And Foodies Are Sharing Their Recipes Online For You To Check Out

In the mood to cook?

While we all practice social distancing and staying safe at home, we can take this time to slow down and take care of ourselves. One way to do this is by preparing your own food! Cooking or baking can be therapeutic through the process of prepping, preparing and yielding results from your efforts can feel good!

There’s also something satisfying about eating something you’ve taken the time to make. And if you’re the type that can’t relate and the thought of being in the kitchen working with recipes and steps stresses you out, there are some very simple and encouraging people we’d like to introduce you to!


This has become the time for everyone to show us their skills in the kitchen and we’re living for this type of content on our feeds! If you’re on the lookout for a recipe to learn, check out these Bahrain based chefs and foodies who are sharing their recipes! Whether you want to learn how to make homemade bread, curious about how to grill the perfect steak, tweak your creamy pasta recipe, or find out ways to eat healthier, these are the accounts to check out in Bahrain. If you’re like us and find recipe videos so satisfying to watch, clear your schedule and let’s dive in!


Chef Susy is a well known creative chef in Bahrain who’s behind the concepts of The Orangery and Masso and creator of Italian Trattoria, Fishbone. Check out the Highlights on her Instagram page for her recipes and at-home cooking classes!


Bahraini executive Chef Khawla posts beautifully presented bakery-style sweets and more along with recipes on her Instagram that you can actually learn to make too! You may have caught her on MBC’s‏ Top Chef Season 3 where she was a contestant! Check out her account and follow her for professional recipes on delicious classic desserts.


Tala is a talented creative chef and was a contestant on MBC Top Chef. She recently launched Fusions By Tala, a modern fusion restaurant at the Gulf Hotel. Follow her Instagram account as she is now posting episodes of her home cooking online series called Kuarantine Kitchen!


Mahmood Janahi is a self-taught Bahraini celebrity chef which has turned his childhood passion into a career! You can find Bahraini traditional dishes, Irani cuisine like the famous Chicken Tagine, Strawberry Cheesecake recipes & more delicious bakery goodness on his Instagram!


Fatima is a Bahraini Chef and founder of Lezzet, an arabic inspired fusion restaurant who actively posts really delicious looking food with recipes in the captions! Learn how the pros do it by checking out her page.


Bahraini Chef Mahdi Taheri is behind the Say Cheese Food Truck as well as many other delicious brands. He’s helped inspire businesses around Bahrain by crafting their menu concepts and now with his passion for cooking, he’s inspiring us at home with his Instagram Cooking Show! Check out his Quarantine Kitchen for daily recipes and entertainment!


Chef Mustafa from Mustafa’s Kitchen is sharing techniques and skills rather than actual recipes which are super important! If you get the techniques right then you can master any dish. Check out this page to get lessons on anything from dessert presentation to how to make the perfect pasta sauce.


Chef Haya is a certified chef cooking many types of cuisines from Middle Eastern to Mexican! Tune in to her online classes or check out her recipes where you can get to know how to make a Keto burger. If you love desserts, you will find plenty to drool on and perhaps they might inspire you to make your own homemade desserts! Loads of her recipes can be found on her Instagram page Feed & Highlights!


Wafa is a plant-based Bahraini chef that creates her own recipes from vegan bread to vegan cheese and much more! She also posts vegan products found around Bahrain which is super helpful for those looking for such products. Check out the “recipes” highlights on her page to see what this Bahraini chef has been up to!


The Basic Chef brings a quick approach to aesthetically pleasing & delicious recipes with a step by step guide to show that making a pizza from scratch or even ramen is not as daunting as we think it is! Check out his account to get started on learning how to cook and create these beautiful dishes without the pressure!


Bahraini Chef Jasim Bucheeri is an expert pastry chef who posts his kitchen creations so you can learn how to make Bahraini dishes and bakery-style bread and cakes. Check out his page as he posts regularly with step by step instructions. We also love the choice of background music in his posts, super relaxing to hear at this time! There’s also a YouTube channel for more content.


This popular Bahrain based food blogger is all about savouring the last crumb! Farah is a Palestinian/Jordanian foodie who dines at the island’s best food places and has her own food blog which she posts her recipes on regularly. You can find them all in her highlights, check her out for one of the best cinnamon rolls recipes out there!


You gotta follow this quirky Bahraini chef! Look out for her famous Okonomiyaki recipe or her spin on a healthy chicken salad! Check out her “Quarantine Cafe” highlights for home cooked inspiration and watch out for her upcoming cookbook!


A Bahrain based foodie on a journey of wellness that creates healthy recipes at home that looks so delicious! This page is very useful for those looking for ways to eat well without limiting your tastebuds as well as have a goal to lower calorie intake. Check out the highlight on the page under “recipes” for a breakdown of the dishes posted.

A Bahrain based account run by photographer @hadyelcott and plant-based advocate @plantbasedbh that promotes healthy, vegan recipes and plant-based alternatives that you can make at home! From your own homemade nut milk to skillet cookies and everything between! They also have a YouTube channel.


Hesham is a popular Bahrain foodie who you would usually check out for great restaurant and menu recommendations but as of late you’ll also catch him cooking up some delicious recipes at home! He is documenting dishes from homemade french toast to pizzas and you can find those on his Highlights and IGTV sections on his Instagram page!


A wonderful up and coming blog run by two foodies and best friends who have a love for reviewing restaurants and also have a knack for cheffing in the kitchen! They’re starting to post great easy recipe videos with step by step in the captions that you should check out!