Clubhouse Is The New Social Media App You Should Know About

Clubhouse is the newest hot social media app that’s taking the internet by storm. The app is currently only available on iPhone and is invite-only so it’s super exclusive!


Here’s the rundown:

The app is basically audio-based, users can create chatroom for anyone to join. The chatrooms are usually topic based and focus on a specific subject like movies, photography, filmmaking and so on.

Each user starts out with one invite in hand, and they gain more invites as they become more active. Be careful who you invite though, cause YOUR name will be on their profile!

Each room has a stage which consists of the users who are allowed to talk. Other users can join the stage by raising their hands. You can drop in and out of chatrooms or choose to stay focused on one topic!

& Elon Musk is a fan

Elon Musk hopped onto one of the chatrooms early this month. The room reached the maximum amount of participants which lead it to be posted on Youtube!

After he joined, the apps estimated worth jumped to 1 billion USD with invites being sold on other social media apps – and even AliBaba!

Watch out TikTok, you’ve got some competition!

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