Its Green Lights All the Way as Netflix Wants To Make a ‘Squid Game’ Video Game

Squid Game Video Game

Squid Game, a series in which contestants play children’s games until one of them remains alive, is Netflix’s newest most popular series.

In a previous announcement, Netflix stated they were interested in publishing video games based on their original series within their app.See where this is going?

Netflix’s VP of Content for Asia Pacific, Minyoung Kim, clarified in a recent statement that yes, Netflix has been exploring the possibility of turning Squid Game into a video game.

This is Netflix’s first foray into gaming, which has significant implications. The quality and scope of the game would be more similar to mobile games, rather than those for PC or console. As a result, they could be played within the Netflix mobile app. Stranger Things is another classic game from them, and this fits in with what we’ve seen so far.

Would you play a Squid Game video game? What would be your favourite part?

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